Discover more sexual variety,
better relationships,
greater purpose in your work,
and a stronger connection
with yourself!

Tired of leading all the time?

What would it be like to be guided into places you’ve never given yourself permission to go?

Tired of leading all the time?

What would it be like to be guided into places you’ve never given yourself permission to go?
This realm we co-create together, is a safe space for you to explore every aspect of your psyche, from your erotic desires to transforming your relationships and elevating your vision, power, and leadership in the world.
The Red Mistresses approach is not for the faint of heart… but for those who dare to confront their shadows, unleash their passions, challenge societal norms. Under the expert guidance you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery that may surprise you.

The method combines subconscious repatterning, embodiment practices, somatic therapy, and heart-connnected transformational Domination to break through limitations and empower your desires.

The Red Mistress works with high-achieving men from various backgrounds – executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals – all seeking to become better Men, seeking to advance their leadership, revolutionize their relationships, and understand their true nature and potential.

Her unique method utilizes The Red Mistress’s psychic and healing abilities to uncover the root causes of your limitations. By exploring uncharted territories, you’ll reclaim lost parts of yourself, unleash creativity, deepen intimacy, expand consciousness, and step into your destiny.

Each session is customized to your unique needs and desires, co-created with your goals in mind. By Whatever means necessary; Hypnotic trance, mystic arts, BDSM play, or healing plant medicines may be utilized to empower you to reach your next level.
The Red Mistress’s superpower is guiding you to the edge of what you believe is possible and then pushing you beyond it. Under her guidance, you’ll realize that you are far more powerful, free, awakened, and alive than you ever imagined.
If you are an intelligent, successful, growth-oriented man with untapped depths of passion, creativity, and consciousness, but may be limited by beliefs and past experiences, the Red Mistress calls you to confront your shadows emerge renewed, and uncover your deeper purpose.
This accelerated transformational work requires commitment, grit, and openness.

The Red Mistress will guide you to find out things about yourself you never knew.

You will masterfully dance between the mystical and the practical, the spiritual and the sexual, expanding your consciousness while also making a real-world impact.

Ready to evolve and accelerate your empire?

Ready to cross the threshold into the Red Mistress’s temple, where your deepest desires guide you to unexpected places?
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(But Only if You’re Ready to Surrender, Get Raw and Go Deep…)
WHAT YOU GET IN YOUR personalized journey


I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life, looking for some direction. I am a high achieving successful person, but I was fully aware of the largest obstacle in the way of achieving higher and higher levels of success and eventually elevating myself to a place where my ideas and thoughts could provide abundance for my family vs my physical presence was my own self and mainly my subconscious on my own for over a decade now with affirmations, meditation and journaling, but nothing ever got to the root. That self-defeating voice was always there in the background.

Naia helped me get to the root of where those thoughts and self sabotaging behaviors were coming from and for that I am eternally grateful. The work that I did with Naia over the course of 6 months has already resulted in a forthcoming book, rapid growth in my current business, one additional business and one more on the way.

I have been able to use my natural energies and drive in a much more productive way and goals that I have had for decades now have more traction in the last yer than they did in the previous 10. Naia’s intuition and natural gifts are a perfect match for any high achieving individual who is looking to get themselves out of the way and show the world what they are truly capable of.


I had been to a dozen practitioners but Naia was the only one that made an impact on the rest of my life. She took me to places that no-one else could, places I never thought could go. She had me face my fear and my weaknesses, my resistance to what I actually really wanted. After only our second session I had a major turn around in how I saw myself, and how I walk in my life, relationships and in business. My sales had been tanking due to my lack of confidence in myself, and after our session I multiplied my commissions 10x. Our work has been a huge, and unexpected blessing. Naia means business, and will intuitively guide you to exactly where you need to go, to empower the next stage of growth in your life.


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